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Sophie’s passion is helping people to become the happiest, healthiest and most balanced version of themselves. She trained as a Clinical Nutritionist – completing an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine – and created her company, Sol Natural Health, to in order fulfil her vision.

Sophie’s interest in health and wellbeing was born when her own personal health concerns coincided with beginning a plant-based lifestyle. Her reasons for going vegan were moral and ethical, but as she started to investigate plant-based living, it began clear that her decision had proved wonders for her health. She wanted to learn everything she could to persevere down a natural route in order to thrive.

She has never looked back and is happy to say that she has found what she is truly interested and passionate about in life. She spends her days thinking about food and nutrition!

Her endeavours have allowed her to gain information through evidence-based approaches to nutrition and have expanded her knowledge immensely. There really is a world of ‘nutrition’! She finds the human body and its interaction with the food we consume fascinating.

Sophie believes every individual is different, hence her business name Sol Natural Health. Sol is the Latin for ‘Sun’, the center of the solar system which provides energy on Earth. Sole, of course, also means ‘the only one’ or ‘individual’. The name “Sol Natural Health” reflects the fact that each of us has individual needs.

As a natural healthcare practitioner, Sophie places the health of her patients before her own individual beliefs and provides an evidence-based approach to nutrition to ensure a safe and effective treatment plan that is beneficial to her patient’s health.

Remember, nutrition is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach!

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