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welcome to thrive republic!

We’re on a mission to help you enjoy a thriving life, body & planet by

sharing plant-based recipes, advice & programs

We believe that eating more plants is the best recipe for a healthier you and a thriving planet. We want to help build a greener and more compassionate world, and we’re starting in the kitchen.    

Eating more plants opens up a whole new world of flavour through a variety of nourishing ingredients. We’re your shortcut to balanced, fulfilling, plant-based life through delicious food & easy-to-follow programs. Even if you have no idea where to start.

No nasty ingredients. No weird rules. Just real food, plant-based. 

who we are

We’re Alex & Duncan, a couple from the Australia (Alex) & the UK (Duncan). We met volunteering in a refugee camp in Greece in 2016 and then took off travelling the world. 

We soon decided that we wanted to create both a life and business together. We knew we had to create something that reflected our values: a business that was about creating a better world, and helping its inhabitants.

The idea for Thrive Republic was born crossing the Australian desert, driving from Adelaide to Darwin, and we’ve been working on it ever since. Thrive’s journeyed with us around the world, although currently we’re hanging out in Australia, near Byron Bay. 

why do we do what we do?

Honestly, we started eating a plant-based diet because we were worried. Worried about the future of our planet, worried about the mistreatment of animals, and worried about the people we share the world with. 

But when we made the switch, we found that the recipes, resources and information we wanted just didn’t exist. There were great cookbooks that paid no attention to nutrition. Lots of websites that were really focused on advocacy, but not great food. Nothing that tied it all together.

We just wanted an all-in-one resource that would explain the important nutrition information, great tips & tricks for eating a plant-based diet, and recipes for delicious, relaxed, plant-based food. 

It didn’t exist, so we created it.

hey there plant lover, can we make this a thing? 

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